METROSAGE delivers the industry experience and technical knowledge to help companies drive change to expand their market position. Now, more than ever it is imperative for companies to improve the quality of their results while reducing overall product costs and speeding time to market. Finding the right, best talent is critical to accomplish a company’s goals. METROSAGE provides the professional insights and execution to help companies change and enhance their product processes.

Combining years of industry experience with extensive, ongoing research, METROSAGE delivers exceptional professional services. The expertise of the technical team makes it possible for METROSAGE to partner with customers to deliver exactly what they need for their company’s success. Services are structured to meet individual customer needs and can include:

  1. PUNDITCMM product training and system integration
  2. Custom analysis and optimization
  3. New product/feature development
  4. Metrology software development
  5. Cost/benefit analysis of measurement solutions

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