QuickPUNDIT, an interactive add-on to PUNDITCMM, is designed to simplify the task of specifying the myriad of characteristics which influence measurement results. Specifying these many characteristics takes significant time and knowledge. In many instances, engineers need to run multiple prototype simulations before determining the specific values needed for part measurement tasks. This test process is expensive and time consuming, driving metrologists to make best guesses and limiting the choices, hence increasing the likelihood of inaccurate or undefined measurement uncertainty. METROSAGE’s QuickPUNDIT solution manages the complexities, resulting in improved quality while speeding the time to final measure.

QuickPUNDIT’s simple, directed user interface prompts the metrologist for information about the general shape and dimension of the part, surface roughness and tolerancing scheme as well as information about the CMM. By answering the series of questions about part characteristics and the measurement system, QuickPUNDIT feeds information to the PUNDITCMM system to determine which part best matches the metrologists’ needs for features, dimensions and tolerancing. The measurement system’s characteristics and protocols are also established during the process.

QuickPUNDIT can a valuable tool for the less experienced engineer, one who only occasionally needs to develop measurement plans, or even for an experienced metrologist when custom instructions are not required.

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