The METROSAGE PUNDITCMM inspection simulation software package provides manufacturers with a far better understanding of the quality of their measurement process. While the manufacturing business is pressured to produce parts with ever-increasing precision, traditional approaches are proving to be inaccurate and time consuming. PUNDITCMM introduces simulation into the process, identifying and assessing tolerance issues before a design is committed to production. The result of these verifiable simulations is a reliable evaluation of measurement uncertainty, leading to significant cost savings and shorter time-to-measure.

PUNDITCMM’s automation capabilities are capable of calculating the effectiveness of a company’s measuring processes, providing feedback quickly. The simulations transform difficult-to-perform tasks normally taking hours or days to results within minutes. Starting with a CAD model including GD&T specifications, while incorporating information from the desired measurement system, measurement simulations are run to quickly and reliably produce results that are complete, consistent, unambiguous and fully constrained.

The benefits of using PUNDITCMM include:

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